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Fundación Carvajal

La Fundación Carvajal

Is a non - profit organization aimed at promoting improving the quality of life of the communities most in need in Cali and the rural area of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

The Foundation focuses its activities on strategic areas in Valle del Cauca, where Cali and Buenaventura are the priority territories, thus projecting themselves beyond the region through knowledge transference processes. They focus their efforts on applying a Comprehensive Social Intervention model, a methodological platform oriented towards accompanying and / or intervening any social reality, thus allowing for adjusting and adapting it to the specific characteristics of the communities and / or social stakeholders.  It is focused on identifying the specific needs of the vulnerable people in order to, jointly, build ideas, develop strategies and acompany and empower the community on their own growth.

¿How did it come to be?

The Carvajal Family donated a percentage of their shares to create Fundación Carvajal as the biggest shareholder of Organización Carvajal.


Upon performing their social work, Fundación Carvajal contributes their dividends and manages resources with national and international allies and cooperators to implement projects and programs aimed at vulnerable communities.

Projects and Programs

Fundación Carvajal is currently working on 3 programs. Each one of these programs has specific products and projects:

  • Business Growth
  • Education and Culture
  • Community and social growth

What inspires us

"It is not possible for a healthy company to exist in an ill social environment because sooner or later the ailments in the environment will have repercussions on its performance. That is why, a responsible entrepreneur must necessarily be commited to solving the social problems"

Manuel Carvajal Sinisterra, 1960.

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