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Ethical Commitment

Our Ethical Commitment

Our Ethical Commitment

Organización Carvajal takes on the rsponsibility of being an integral part of the society regardless of the country it is in. Due to this, and without exceptions its premise is that its acts will be governed by an ethical behavior and its associates are expected to know, comply with and identify themselves with this position. They are expected to report any event or fact that might be seen as anti - ethical using the corresponding channels.

Ethical positions at the Organization are non - negotiable and they will not be subject to personal interpretations. The Organization shall give its associates all training needed on the regulatory framework, in order to reinforce compliance culture based on observing the ethical postulate according to what has been set up in the guding documents: Principles and Policies (the document is available only in its Spanish version) and Our Ethical Behavior (the document is available only in its Spanish version).

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