Organización Carvajal is governed by ethical guidelines and policies that offer a behavioral reference framework to its groups of stakeholders globally, in such a way they are able to act within the expected standards regarding ethics for as long as their work and / or commercial relationship lasts.

Likewise, Carvajal ratifies the importance of enforcing compliance with its regulations, and therefore it offers knowledge required on its regulatory framework and has set various channels, the Ethical Hot Line among them, to report any situation that may qualified as unethical or unlawful.

Such ethical positions are non - negotiable and they are not subject to personal interpretations, given that the ethical act of all groups of interest becomes a pillar of its corporate reputation. We are inviting you to visit our Ethical Commitment  here.

In this section the Organization's vendors will find the policies and regulations of their interest for as long as the commercial bond exists with any of the Carvajal Companies, thus generating trust based relationships and sustainable in time, based on the set parameters.
Check the introduction handbook below (the handbook is available only in its Spanish version):


Here you will find the various policies that can be applied to your commercial relationship with the Organization, for you to know and abide by. The intent of these handbooks is to offer sustainability to your relationship, based on ethical guidelines.

* The Safety and Health at work instructions handbook only applies for Colombia.

  • SIPLAFT Handbook
    Política para la Prevención y Control del Riesgo de Lavado de Activos y Financiación del Terrorismo, en la cual se considera Lavado de Activos a la acción de dar apariencia de legalidad a dineros provenientes de actividades ilícitas y Financiación del Terrorismo es financiar con dinero o en especie, directa o indirectamente, a grupos al margen de la ley, nacionales o extranjeros.
  • Compliance Handbook
    Política de anticorrupción y Antisoborno Transnacional que regula y establece los parámetros para realizar operaciones de manera responsable, transparente y ética, respetando las disposiciones legales sobre la materia.
  • Safety and Health at Work System Instructions
    Política que enumera los compromisos del proveedor en la identificación de posibles riesgos a los que se expondrán sus colaboradores, la participación en las actividades de inducción a riesgos y la implementación de un SG-SST.
  • Personal Data Protection Handbook
    Política que establece el adecuado uso y tratamiento responsable de los datos personales de los colaboradores u otros terceros.

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