Networking with groups of stakeholders

Descriptions of the relationships with external groups of stakeholders

Customers and Users

Satisfying the needs of our customers and users is of the utmost importance to the Organization. Therefore, our objective is to get customers and users to be fully satisfied and captivated by our products, solutions and services which must be mad under high quality standards and offered at competitive prices in the marketplace. They must comply with the conditions and commitments agreed upon during the negotiation stages.

Shareholders and Investors

Our responsibility is to offer an appealing profitability to the shareholders and investors above the cost of capital, in order for the Organization to get stronger, grow and be sustainable. Carvajal shall give truthful, transparent, timely and complete information on its financial results.

Vendors and Debtors

Vendors and debtors are our partners in meeting the clients' needs. Our purchasing decisions must be based on reliability, efficiency, quality, service and cost criteria, by finding equittable long term relations that bring mutual benefits to the parties.

Organización Carvajal will give the chance to the local vendors from the communities we operate in to take part in our projects and it will also watch to enforce the conditions agreed upon in the negotiations.


The Organization believes in social desirability for healthy and ethical competition, as per our policies and the law. As a result, it will act in loyalty, transparency and good faith in its commercial relations.


The Organization respects the institutions and authoities as ecognized in the countries it carries out its activities and it shall appropriately apply their laws and regulations.


It is the Organization's duty to give timely cooperation to the authorities, specifically in complying with its legal obligation to give all available information to help in the questioning and investigations they may carry out.


One of the commitments the Organization has towards the community is to contribute in as much as possible to its financial and social growth. Organización Carvajal, upon growing in a forward lookin and organized manner, will continue to the growth of the social environment and that of the community it serves. The Organization shall find the means to actively participate in all guild, sector and regional matters.


The Organization shall promote, through its management and the industrial processes, protection to the environment, by trying to implement the best environmental practices, alligned with the international standards seeking to efficiently use water and electrical resources, and by performing an emmission control system and waste management.