Our Ethical Behavior / Ethical Line

Our Ethical Behavior

Our Ethical Behavior's guidelines allow Organización Carvajal to give its associates an ethical action framework and clarify the probable situations they may encounter and the way they should respond to them.

Get to know the foundations of Our Ethical Actions here (the document is available only in its Spanish version).

Ethical line

In those cases in which one of our groups of stakeholders can see a behavior or circumstance that goes against the Organization's values or which does not abide by the local law, they will be able to report said situation through Carvajal's Ethical Hot Line.

This hot line is a confidential, anonimous communication channel available 24 hours a day, seven days a eek. It allows any person to report any suspicious behavior or activities or any activity they deem nethical by any of the members of Organización Carvajal.

¿How does Carvajal's Ethical Hot Line work?